Radar Products

C-Band Radar

1 – 100m resolution radar information coming from Radarsat-2. Near real time delivery services, 24/7. Typical applications: Oil spills, Ice monitoring and subsidence/interferometry.

X-Band Radar

0.25 – 40m resolution radar information coming from the TerraSAR-X/Tandem-X satellites. Monitoring, subsidence, Intelligence. The most sophisticated available!

L-Band Radar

3-60m resolution radar information coming from ALOS-1 and ALOS-2. Long wave L-band that penetrates relatively deep into the soil. Seeking sub-soil clear water reservoirs. Looking under forest leafs are typical applications.

Open Accessible Radar

5-100m resolution, accessible without financial payments. These C-Band data come from Sentinel-1 (Active), ERS and ENVISAT (archive only) satellites. Geoserve can help you to get and manage these Open Imagery and take away the hassle to include them in your workflow.