januari 9, 2018

High water levels Dutch rivers

January 9, 2018: Satellite imagery acquired yesterday show the high water levels in the rivers Waal and Maas. Due to rainfall and melting water (upstream in Germany and France) the water levels are relatively high. Below satellite imagery from October 2015 and yesterday show the difference between low and high water levels in these rivers. […]

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november 23, 2017

Geoserve signs reseller contract with SpaceView

November 23, 2017: Geoserve has become a SpaceView reseller for the Netherlands. With this partnership Geoserve’s clients get access to very-high resolution satellite images of the SuperView satellites. SuperView images shows details as small as 50cm in size. Currently, 2 SuperView satellites are in orbit and 2 more are expected to be launched within the […]

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februari 14, 2017

Geoserve signs reseller contract with Planet

At February 2017 Geoserve has signed a reseller contract with Planet for their entire satellite PlanetScope constellation. Later on 2017 the satellites will cover the entire globe on a daily basis with 3.7m resolution. Also the RapidEye satellites are included. At January 2017 Digital Globe and European Space Imaging have renewed the distribution agreement with […]

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april 10, 2014

Geoserve has become UrtheCast distributor

On April 8th Geoserve signed an agreement with UrtheCast for thedistribution of UrtheCast products in the Benelux region. UrtheCast, headquartered in Canada and listed on the Toronto Stock Exchange, installed two earth sensing cameras on the International Space Station. A High Resolution Camera (HRC) that will produce 1-meter class, full color videos, and a Medium […]

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maart 14, 2014

Geoserve demonstrates minister Henk Kamp new services

On May 12th Dutch minister of Economic affairs Henk Kamp visited the National Aerospace Laboratory NLR. One of the purposes of his visit was to see how the NLR supports Dutch companies in the Geomatics Business Park (GBP). With the NLR as it’s important shareholder, Geoserve showed the minister it’s recently introduced services: ALERT and […]

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maart 1, 2014

Launch date of Sentinel-1A is published: 3rd of April 2014

The Sentinel-1A radar satellite has arrived at Europe’s Spaceport in French Guiana to be prepared over the coming weeks for launch on 3 April this year. Sentinel-1 is a two satellite constellation with the prime objectives of Land and Ocean monitoring and the data will have a resolution up to 5m. The launch of Sentinel-1B […]

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Need help with Nederlands Satellietdata Portaal?

The Dutch government has purchased many satellite data to be used by the Dutch community. Getting these data “ready to use” is not always easy.

Geoserve can help you to get the right data with the right format for your application. And we deliver data just and only over your working area.

Contact us with your needs.

PlanetScope data searchable

From May 1st 2017 PlanetScope imagery can be found via the Geoserve Lookup tool. The more than 100 Planet satellites cover the entire world on an almost daily bases. Data can be purchased by subscription or by single dates. Find for your imagery over here.