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Geoserve is a distributor of satellite images and derived products and services. Having access to more than 40 satellites, Geoserve is an expert in multi-sensor solutions.

Images from among others Worldview, Pleiades, GeoEye, Kompsat, SPOT and Sentinel are used to offer clients monitoring services, near-real time deliveries, change detection products - among others coast line changes - and digital elevation models.


• May 2014: Geoserve demonstrates minister Henk Kamp new services

On May 12th Dutch minister of Economic affairs Henk Kamp visited the National Aerospace Laboratory NLR. One of the purposes of his visit was to see how the NLR supports Dutch companies in the Geomatics Business Park (GBP). With the NLR as it’s important shareholder, Geoserve showed the minister it’s recently introduced services: ALERT and LookUp service. These services help Dutch companies gain better access to earth observation data from a growing number of satellites including ESA’s Sentinel sensors. With this premium access Dutch companies can be more successful in the agricultural, energy and water management sector.

• April 2014: Geoserve has become UrtheCast distributor

On April 8th Geoserve signed an agreement with UrtheCast for the distribution of UrtheCast products in the Benelux region. UrtheCast, headquartered in Canada and listed on the Toronto Stock Exchange, installed two earth sensing cameras on the International Space Station. A High Resolution Camera (HRC) that will produce 1-meter class, full color videos, and a Medium Resolution Camera (MRC) that will produce 6-meter class, 50-km wide swaths of imagery.
The full color videos will allow people to monitor areas and events worldwide. Videos can be collected of areas between +53 and -53 degrees latitude. It is expected that UrtheCast’ videos will be of great use for security, media and humanitarian relief operations. Commercial distribution is expected to start from June for MRC products and from July for the HRC full color videos For further information or demo material please contact Geoserve.

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DigitalGlobe sensor image of Circuit Paul Ricard, Le Castellet - France, captured on 19 May 2014 © DigitalGlobe

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